Improvement by innovation.
High tech. High touch.

The innovative power of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry is exactly what inspired us to found Sanders & Clients in 1989. Every day since, we’ve committed to facilitate optimal communications of new pharmaceutical and medical innovations, striving for improvement of quality of health care and the lives of patients.

It still feels good to be part of the process of innovation in life science and healthcare. Our role and goal is to translate science into effective communication to ensure that new pharmaceutical and medical solutions are not only introduced, but accepted by the market.

We focus on getting your call-for-action accepted by creating a flawless personalized user experience for HCP’s, patients, and medical representatives. Brand preference, brand loyalty, and patient compliance is the result.

We listen, study, learn, and adapt to constantly improve our work and your success in the market.

Therefore we create online and offline communications in our unique closed loop marketing model using all relevant channels for individual HCP’s and patients. With interactive detailing, ‘Full Monty’ websites and direct mail campaigns, we deliver the right message to the right person at the right time.

Our promise is that we will unremittingly look for the best solutions, to offer the target audience your innovative therapeutic options, leading to optimal results for you and a healthy return on investment.

Why? Because we believe that’s the way to enable innovation.

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Why? Nobody just visits a health care agency’s website.

If you want to explore how our boutique can help you to grow your business… let’s find out together.

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Because we believe in improvement by innovation.

Design and creation studio

conditio sine qua non 1 - our added value

Design and creation studio

Yes, we are control freaks. Therefore we like to do all design and visualisation of our medical content in-house. This includes the following activities:

  • concept development
  • photography / illustrations / infographics / 3D
  • video / animation
  • DTP / EPP
  • web and UX design

Sanders & Clients | Connecting the dots


deliverables - integral part


Online channels got more important and can be very effective but we regard them as an integral part of the multi channel mix. Nothing more, nothing less. Not a goal but a means.

  • e-mailings
  • websites / landingpages
  • bannering (static / animated gif / interactive HTML5)
  • e-learnings
  • webcasts

Sanders & Clients | In-market results & Learnings

Brand® strategy

Step 1 - first things first

Brand® strategy

To optimise brand value creation we work in a super structured way using state-of-the-art models preferably in a workshop setting with the medical, marketing & sales people completed with one or two of your clients:

  • marketing mix 7 C instead of 4 P
  • a quantitative SWOT analysis
  • bullet proof positioning statement per persona
  • creating a consistent brand prism

Create effective marketing communications

step 2 - segmented messaging

Effective marketing communications

Ration leads to conclusions, emotion leads to action. In order to create effective marketing communications we offer a one day workshop to determine:

  • behavioural persona's and tailored customer journey's
  • the relevant touch points
  • emotional and self-expressive beneficial promotional messages

Channel orchestration

step 3 - personalised engagement strategy

Channel orchestration

Before developing deliverables and closing the loop we will sit down and translate customer journeys, touchpoints and messaging in a manageable process. Also because the modern rep acts like a channel orchestrator focused on:

  • sales effectiveness
  • profile driven strategies
  • based on metrics & dashboardings

Closed loop marketing

step 4 - planning is good, implementing is better

Closed loop marketing

CLM is not just a digital detailing aid or interactive presentation on an iPad. It's a philosophy to connect the dots between you and your client by using all available channels. In a structured way including contingencies. Making the most of your Veeva or other CRM/CLM system.

  • engaging e-detailing within CRM system
  • follow up e-mail and landing pages
  • supportive campaign management
  • multi channel communications

In-market results & learnings

step 5 - enjoy the successes, improve where possible

In-market results & Learnings

Because you want - just as we - continuous growth and improvement, we supply you with data. To analyse and learn. That's why we can help you in designing and populating your

  • data warehouse
  • dashboard and insights
  • ad hoc cube analysis
  • business intelligence

Medical content

conditio sine qua non 2 - our added value

Medical content

It's all about relevance and acceptance of the message by the target audience. If you are in health care communication we strongly believe you must be able to think as an HCP. Born, raised and educated in life sciences we excel in:

  • medical copy writing
  • medical visualisation and illustrations
  • co-creation with KOL's
  • simplifying complex science into clear messages

Sanders & Clients | Off-line


deliverables - integral part


There is nothing obsolete about offline communications. They play a crucial part in customer experience and delivering your promotional message effectively and efficiently. If you don't want to use them you must be very sure that online will do the job.

  • advertisements
  • direct mailings / response mailings
  • congress booth / Invitations
  • leave behinds
  • patient materials

Our work


Years of experience

It means a lot to us to be trusted by the best pharma and biotech companies in the world. S@C has more than 27 years of experience in many therapeutic areas. If we don’t have a conflict of interest we might also be able to work for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask.

Our team

Mattijn Boer

Project manager digital detail aids

Nicolet Leeman

Office manager

Tonnie van Es

Outside-the-box Developer

Tessa Bergman

Consultant | Medical Editor

Jochem de Vries


Vivian Dekker

Office support

Edwin Brand

(UX) Graphic designer

Wendela Esveld

(UX) Graphic designer

Erik Sanders



Stress therapist | Company dog

Lianne Rebel

(UX) Graphic designer

Marc van Goudswaard

(UX) Graphic designer

Connecting the Veeva dots

CRM | CLM | Approved e-mail | Engage | Remote | Medical CRM | MyInsights

We were present at the 2016 Veeva European Commercial Summit

Sanders & Clients BV and rmh new media Gmbh are honoured and excited to help (future) Veeva clients to make a success of the state-of-the-art integrated CRM / CLM system for the life science industries.

  • making optimal use of dynamic story telling in sales flows
  • by data capturing via the ClickStream
  • and creating sales effectiveness and business intelligence by Roambi dashboards

During the 2016 Veeva European Commercial Summit (29 Nov-1 Dec, Madrid) 700 participants were having a great time while being updated about stunning new and existing Veeva Sytems solutions. Please contact us if you are interested in Veeva, state-of-the-art solutions and successful implementation.


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